1967 Chevrolet Rally Sport (RS) Camaro. Loaded with factory options & very original. Great project.

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     This RS is complete minus a transmission. I’m including a 350 that will require a rebuild. The body of this car has a lot of solid points. It has solid frame rails both front and back. The tail panel, deck lip, rear sail panel, roof, rockers, firewall, cowl, A-pilars, windshield surround, it is all solid. It will need floors, a trunk pan, and quarters. The quarters themselves could be saved depending on the quality of the restoration you’re looking to do. The interior is complete. Here is a break down on the cowl tag:

11C = Built the Third week of November.
67-12637 = Custom Interior Coupe.
NOR = Built in Norwood Ohio.
765 = Custom Black Bucket Seats.
Y = (AS2) Buckets and Head Rest.
L-2 = Lower Color is Tahoe Turquoise and the Vinyl Top Color is Black.

1W = (A02) Tinted W/S only
1X = (A31) Power Windows
1L = (A67) Fold-down rear seat
2M = (M35) Powerglide Transmission
2G = (D55) Console front compartment
2U = (U57) Tape Player
3B = (C50) Defogger rear window
3D = (U29) Courtesy Lamp
3L = (Z22) Rally Sport Package
4F = (D33) Mirror Remote Control
5B = (V32) Rear Large Bumper Guards
5Y = (A39) Belts All Deluxe

     Please feel free to share this listing with anyone you know. Who knows, it could very well be someone’s first car. I do have a clean & clear title (no liens, non salvage, etc.) for this CamaroIf you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment below. Good luck!

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